Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Dave Andrews in the US and Canada

Dave will be in the US and Canada June 8-24, 2012. He will be meeting people and speaking with groups in Vancouver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Houston and at the Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina.

Los Angeles June 8-11.
If you want to connect contact John Jensen pinnedagain2001[at]yahoo.com

Vancouver June 11-14
If you want to connect contact Craig Greenfield craig[at]servantsasia.org

Minneapolis June 14-16
If you want to connect contact Lauren Morrison get_your_riot_gear[at]yahoo.com

Philadelphia June 16-18
If you want to connect contact Brett Anderson brett[at]thesimpleway.org

Houston June 19-21
If you want to connect contact Jason Porterfield jason[at]servantsasia.org

Wild Goose Festival June 22-24.
If you want to connect contact Marcelle Clowes marcelle[at]wildgoosefestival.org

Dave will be sharing his Journey Into The Heart Of Community and hosting Open Conversations About Christian Community Work. He will also be presenting seminars on a wide range of subjects, including:
  1. From Exclusive To Inclusive Christian Community
  2. Guidelines For Christlike Interfaith Community Work
  3. Christ’s Own Way Of Working With Marginalised People
  4. The Trinity As A Divine Paradigm For Human Community 
  5. The Trinity As A Creative Model For Community Development
  6. The Beatitudes As A Framework For A Personal-Political Revolution
Dave will also be promoting six books in the Dave Andrews Legacy Series Wipf and Stock are publishing in North America, including Christi-Anarchy, Not Religion But Love, A Divine Society, Learnings, Bearings, and People Of Compassion. (See reviews under ‘publications’ www.daveandrews.com.au)