Thursday 11 February 2016

Theology for liberation in the UK - call for papers

Modern Believing Call for Papers - Circulate Widely!

Theology for Liberation in the UK

You are invited to submit a paper for review and publication that explores the interaction of radical politics and Christian faith that takes seriously its British context and looks for actual concrete change for neighbourhoods.

Nothing vague or aspirational: Demonstrably Practical Theology, rooted in neighbourhoods or marginal communities.

Papers need to demonstrate an understanding of a particular context, show that analysis has taken place with (rather than over or for) people and that the analysis of lived experience is deeply reflected on with academically rigorous theology that’s presented in an accessible way.

Themes may include but are not exclusive to:

- The interaction of religions in ways that change society

- Anarchy as observed and interacted with by people of faith

- Queer theology and its role in social transformation

- Disability and challenging the changes to the social contract

- Direct Action and theological reflection

Due Date for Proposals: 1st March 2016

Due date for submission of paper and abstract: 1st July 2016


Revd Dr Keith Hebden, Guest Editor for Modern Believing

Mail for more details and to submit a proposal.