Sunday 20 January 2013

Catholic Worker Study Day

Catholic Worker Study Day Timetable
Sunday 27th January

London Catholic Worker
49 Mattison Road
London N4 1BG
tel: 020 8 348 8212
10.00   Arrivals, Tea / Coffee
10.30  Prayer
10.45  Introductions
11.15  Scripture reading and discussion – Sermon on the Mount / Works of Mercy
12.30  Bring and share lunch
13.30  Watch Dorothy Day film
14.30  Introduction to Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin and CW history 
15.30  Tea break
16.00 Action – share further action that people might like to be involved in and/or short
          presentations from Catholic Worker House community, e.g. about the work hospitality,
          direct action, suggestions for further study
17.00  Mass
18.00  Social – dinner and party and music

Saturday 12 January 2013

Sharing your house with asylum seekers

Maria Albrecht has only hazy memories of the first homeless person she and her husband, Scott, invited into their home to stay. But he was almost certainly an alcoholic, in his 50s or 60s, and he wouldn't have had a shower in a long time. He slept on a camp bed in the couple's sitting room: the family, with two small children at the time, were living in a two-bedroom semi.

That was about 20 years ago: since then, the Albrechts have welcomed approximately 300 homeless people into their home – some straight off the streets, others referred by the British Red Cross. "I know people think it sounds impossible, to just take in homeless people," says Maria, "but the motivating factor for me is this: if I was sleeping on a park bench, I would hope someone would do this for me. So I do it for others.

Further reading (Guardian).

Even if we did mention it before (it probably happened but I cannot find where) it should be a pleasure to point again to the Catholic Worker Farm in Watford.