Thursday 6 November 2008

SPCA Gathering

G'day and kia ora to all peoples from the land of the white cloud to the deserts of the Australian wilderness and the rest of the earth,

The SPCA Christian Anarchist Gathering for 2009 will be held on the dates of

Thursday: August 6th 2009 Start around 7ish but all welcome sooner.
Sunday: August 9th 2009
finish lunchtime ish

At the CAVE (78 St Leonards Rd, Ascot Vale Melbourne)

Please feel free to invite anyone as all are welcome!
So start preparing for a great journey together as we seek to discover the christian anarchist spirit within us and what this means....

For now if you have any questions buzz me at or call my mobile +61 414321451 (international) or 0414 321 451 (local)