Thursday 31 December 2009

World News by Dallas Darling

Probably some people will - even angrily - disagree, but operettas generally have silly story lines. And what happened at a certain plane landing in Detroit MI at Christmas looks a lot like an operetta.
But consequences for the foolish young man from Nigeria and particularly for people in Yemen will not be silly at all. (Of course, there is no connection between the failed attempt to blow up a plane and the earlier military attack by the US at Yemen, how dare you even think of that!)

In the menu of indispensable my attention was drawn to an article with the title Still Trying to Monopolize the Arabian Peninsula which promises to give a historical perspective to this operetta.
It does. The author has the - to me - intriguing name of Dallas Darling. It turns out that the author has written a book called The other side of Christianaity the description of which sounds a lot like what I consider to be not the other but the appropriate side of Christianity.

Daily reflections on the news by Dallas Darling can be found on a site intriguingly called Beverly Darling. No, they are not one person, I think.

The year ain't over 'til it's over and it is never too late to make a discovery in a certain year.
See what you can conclude about Dallas Darling's position. (My preliminary idea: not an anarchist so not a Christian anarchist either but not far from the Kingdom anyway).

The photo illustrates Yemen as the Afghanistan of the Arabian peninsula, another worthy recipient of bombs from unmanned planes, or manned planes flying at 30.000 feet for that matter. Here I have written about it in Dutch.