Monday 22 March 2010

A feminist issue

We are doing well and going swell, being accused of all the things right-minded people dislike (great, this double meaning).
But I have to confess: I lied. I did see porn once. The films were billed at the student café as "A night of dirty pictures" which might have been an ambiguous announcement. But those present were quickly cured of any illusion.

Seen one, seen them all, I suppose. There is nothing exciting about it, it is extremely boring. There is an empty space, perhaps a bed or some cushions. Then a man and a woman run to centre stage, quickly put out their clothes and just do it. Variation: two women, one man. The other one, variation: "lesbian", two or three women. Obviously not intended for "real" lesbian use, or maybe it was, who cares?
Theatrically speaking it is one of the most boring acts you can offer, on stage or on screen. The story is stripped (another double entendre) of anything which makes the interaction between two (or more) people interesting - for themselves, and for others if the story is well told.

Some bloke summed up the general feeling very honestly: this is enough to make you impotent for at least a week. "Make it two weeks," I added. No-one disagreed. At least the males present. Apart from some laughs (nervous?) I cannot remember any female reaction to the presentation.

"Extremely boring", I say it as an unsuspecting one-time spectator. Because of the boredom and irritation it is difficult to ask the question: how about the people performing on the screen? The Pink Cross and Rebecca Mott tell the story from the "production" side. And it is ugly, it is shameful. And extremely violent, which was not expressed in the films I saw that evening. You cannot even say it is shameful because you are watching it, but lack of knowledge is no excuse for being responsible for violent abuse - because as a viewer you are guilty too.

For quite a while I was irritated even by the idea of porn being a feminist issue. I was wrong.
And now, brothers and sisters, I command you to God.

Ceterum censeo institutam ecclesiam delendam esse.
(In case I make a habit of this one; it means "Furthermore  I gather the church as an institution should be destroyed.")
And free Marcia Powell!.