Wednesday 30 June 2010

Jesus Radicals and Jesus Manifesto Together

The Jesus Radicals and Jesus Manifesto web groups are coming together under the Jesus Radicals name. This will mean a change of direction and approach for members of both groups.

There has been an explicit UK page on the JR website for about four years and a forum page too for quite a while but the UK forum gets very little activity on it.

Meanwhile A Pinch of Salt has relaunched well and this blog has a lot of visitors if only a little interaction. For me this is partly about where to put my energy. If the relaunch of Jesus Radicals means a more engaged interface for European Christian anarchists then it might be worth redirecting energy there and even changing Pinch so that I finally give in to it being an online magazine.

This needs some serious consideration and response on this blog, and on the JR forum, and at the Christian anarchist conference in a few weeks time.

Your thoughts?