Tuesday 31 May 2011

Dalit theology and Christian anarchism

My new book is now available. There are links to where you can buy it from at the related blog here. It's RRP is £50 but I've seen it for as little as £37.50 already. 

This book is as much my journey into anarchism as anything and it's how I got started on Christian anarchist dialogue. I was writing a PhD on Dalit theology with a supervisor with expertise in postcolonialism and the Bible. The more I looked at Indian liberation theology the more two important questions presented: Why has liberation theology stalled? What is a western response to all these theologies from the margins?

As a white, western, privileged man I found most of my answers to these to questions in the radical theology of the anarchists and the historic peace Churches.

I think it's a unique contribution but I hope it's a helpful one.