Monday 27 February 2012

Iran Invasion an EU Diversion?

In files leaked today (27 February 2012) Stratfor analysts speculate that Israel has already destroyed all Iranian Nuclear weapons capability and the attempts to build up a debate over whether to invade Iran are just a way for EU powers to distract us from our financial crisis.

In files dated November 2011, just released, senior analysts quote an insight from one of their sources, "Even if the Israelis have the capabilities and are ready to attack by air, sea and land, there is no need to attack the nuclear program at this point after the commandos destroyed a significant part of it." 

While they do not all agree with one another about the truth of the source their is some consensus that Iran does not have anything close to nuclear weapons capability and that an invasion of Iran would not be motivated by a desire to stop an arms race but rather to serve other interests of the powerful. 

Stratfor is a private intelligence company whose emails are currently being released by Wikileaks. Hopefully this will be as big, if not bigger, than 'Cablegate'. 

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