Monday 20 August 2012

Yeah, votez - ne l'oubliez pas s.v.p.

L'anarchisme chrétien has arrived - it has not got a subject or person index so it has to be swallowed whole to permit an opinion. You decide what should get my priority - two huge biographies of the most (in)famous anarchists in NL of the last one hundred years and more; L'état by Bernard Charbonneau which has also arrived and which Jacques Ellul called the only analysis of the state worth mentioning; - and several other things, including writing my own biography of an outstanding Dutch (christian) anarchist of the past century.
Alright, I know your answer.


Always a bit odd to read about websites in a book. Especially this one, apparently from Québec - not mentioning the very inspiring movement against the deconstruction of education in that part of the world at all. An English blog is entertained by Ursus arctos horribilis as well.
The only anarchist blog I encountered lately which calls the reader to vote...

Jusqu'à toute à l'heure...