Saturday 6 April 2013

Christian anarchism and defencelessness

Yesterday I worked on a huge article written by a guest author, and - perhaps fortunately - when it looked ready it turned out not to be. All the parapgraph breaks were missing out. You will get to see it at some later time soon.

These things tend to happen with pieces to be edited while you do not appreciate much what is being said.
One thing about this piece made me think again, though.
Is it self-evident that Christian anarchism is about defencelessness? I presume it is the underlying thought about A Pinch Of Salt and of course I agree. But what to do about Christian anarchism that does not necessarily reject armed resistance? Yesterday evening I was reminded about Arundhati Roy. Here, around the seventh minute point you can hear her rejecting the nation state. Paxman does not know how to react.

Arundhati Roy may be the best known Christian anarchist around these days, probably the only famous person to have the phrase used against her as an insult. (Another perhaps best known Christian anarchist, who identifies himself as such, is Chris Hedges, but he is of the defenceless tendency).
Roy does not dismiss the Naxalite guerrilla in India. Who am I to blame her?

A recent article of hers: Capitalism, a ghost story.