Friday 10 October 2008

Banksy's Village Pet Store: Apocalypse Now

Hat's off to Banksy. His new exhibition in New York is a brilliant satire. Far better than his elephant in the room gag.

Banksy's new 'Village Pet Store' holds up a mirror to western civilisation and our freakish relationship to our own bodies, the rest of the animal world, and food.

There are glass cases with wriggling or humping sausages of various breeds. There's a leapord skin coat, basking in the sun and switching it's tail about. There's plenty more besides all aimed to hit home at a very emotive level of our engagement with the world we live in.

Even for those who feel they have a pretty sound grasp of their ethical sensibilities when it comes to animal welfare would do well to see some of this stuff. It is revealing in the most apocalyptic sense.