Saturday 20 December 2008

Nuclear Bomb factory sold to American's

The sale of a British National Fuel Limited's share of AWE Aldermaston means it is now completely out of the hands of UK government and owned by two USA based private companies. There is no reason to think that the government has abandoned its plans to plough billions into the development of the site and of more nuclear weapons.

All this despite the states historic committment to arrest and regress our nuclear weapon programme (International Non-proliferation treaty).

Money and violence has been partly contracted out it seems but you and I will still be paying for the right of US companies to profit massively from our fear.

What is our fear based on? Are we scared that other nations hate us because we are so rich? Perhaps it would help if we were a bit less rich.

Jacobs Engineering group, who bought the state's third of AWE Aldermaston.

If you want to know where your nearest Jacob's office is so you can let them know you know and what you think about there latest acquisition in some creative and loving way.... then click here.