Monday 24 May 2010

Christianity and anarchism not necessarily leading to Christian anarchism

Paul Virilio considers himself to be a Christian.
He also identifies with anarchism.
He therefore - in English - may be referred to as a Christian anarchist.

Yet in general Christian anarchism, as taken stock of in Alexandre Christoyannopoulos' Christian anarchism should be seen as a synthesis between Christian belief/religion and anarchism. Anarchism being mainly a consequence of Jesus' teaching, and mainly again the Sermon on the Mount.
Does Virilio identify with this synthesis? If so, I have not read about it.

The word Christian in the English phrasing Christian anarchism may be read as an adjective but it could also be seen as a substantive, not referring to a belief but to a person. In the latter case Virilio might rightly be referred to as Christian anarchist. In the former case he should not.
Is he the only prominent example of someone combining Christianity and anarchism without being Christian anarchist?

Perhaps the maestro himself should speak out.