Saturday 26 November 2011

The London Riots: a lamentation

I've been trying to work out the lyrics to this track for a workshop I'm doing next week in Leicester. I'm nearly there but would value your help!

Here Mr Prime Minister, would you mind if I got a couple of minutes of your time?
Why the fuck did you attack our wages when you never done a days work in your life?
And what the fuck d’you know of our business? I can wait till the day that all of you die!
And it’s funny how you keep your distance but send the police to fight the life of crime.
Were you travelling on London transport the day that the bombs went off?
How about you try an’ pay rent to the landlords earning shit money doing a labouring job?
Why we livin’ like shit in this country while you’ve got your feet up livin’ nice and comfy?
Well we got where the problem is, people acknowledge this stand up to the politics!

Chorus from the original track by Muse:
They will not force us,
They will stop degrading us,
They will not control us,
We will be victorious,
So Come on.

They put cameras up ‘cause they’re mad at us and they still wanna blame it on terrorism.
Newspapers talk shit don’t believe anything that you see on the television.
And the thing is that people don’t listen they take away your rights and stick you in prison.
Well I’ll never forgive ‘em, their tax has risen, for fuck sake check […]
Well I say we turn on ‘em now; let’s stick together and stank our ground; go outside and rip cameras down. Let the pricks no that we ain’t fuckin’ around.
Let’s reclaim the United Kingdom ‘cause I don’t wanna be a face in the distance. 
(Fuck it) listen to my words of wisdom ‘cause all they do is feed ‘em with fiction. 

They will not force us…

I wanna get my hands on David Cameron and when I finish with ‘im he won’t have any legs to stand on.
I’ll grab a knife and stick it in the pussy like a tampon.
And if you’re in a packed out tube and there’s never any room to breathe:
Pray to Allah out loud, people will scatter and then there’ll be plenty of seats.
Drive an RPG into all MPs in the houses of parliament.
I’ll make […] proud when I wipe every last single one of ‘em.
Fuck the government, I’ve had enough of ‘em especially now the beer price is doublin’.
Sacrificing the lives of soldiers […] never before.

They will not force us…