Wednesday 25 April 2012

Obedience: The Root of Evil

A Great article here by Revd Nemu using Stanley Milgrim's classic experiment to reflect on the meaning of evil and how it relates to our inclination to obey authority.

Nemu writes:

It is not the people in the multitude which are evil, nor the following, but the deed. The word ‘evil’ suggests serial killers and souls that are blacker than the inside of a wolf’s gullet, but ‘evil’ is more complex in Hebrew. 

Nemu uses the game of chess as a metaphor of a game of chess to describe how power is and can be played out. This reminds me of something I read years ago in Lyotard's 'Post-modernism' (or whatever it was called!): "If there are no rules, there is no game".

And while you're browsing have a look at Revd Nemu's blog too.