Thursday 26 April 2012

Green Left proud to be to the left of fascists in the Netherlands

Saturday suddenly it ended: the fascist one man party (calling itself Party for Freedom) withdrew its support of the Dutch minority government.

There are no obvious reasons for this withdrawal and I am very surprised by the way the news is presented by the BBC for example. The government did not collapse because of "the euro", neither because of the openly professed xenophobia, islamophobia nor its latent homophobia and antisemitism. It just collapsed. The main reason may be that the one man making up a whole party representing 1/6th of the electorate would be forced to disclose his paymasters soon. We can only guess who they might be and where they are.

Protester: Freedom to be
beaten by Wilders' Supporter? 
And it was becoming clear that Wilders was not able to keep the nitwits who represent his "party" in parliament at a national level, in provinces and in some communities at bay. He cannot control them all at once and still be in charge of government. One of them, a former police officer, who is proud of beating up leftwing demonstrators (hence the illustration) and thinks it would be good if more of them would be shot on sight, left the "party" the other day to start one for himself. That is the way the extreme right always worked in the Netherlands: Huge Egos not fitting in with The Leader (thank God..).

Is the end of this fascist-supported coalition a reason to be cheerful...? Very eager to take the fascists' place is a seemingly broader coalition of the so-called GreenLeft, "liberals" and "ChristiansUnion". I am not going to explain the latter category, it is an incredibly Dutch "Christian" party.

GreenLeft is neither Green nor Left. It is the product of a merger between pacifist socialists, communists and christian radicals who decided to die in each others' arms after the collapse of Real Existing Socialism in 1990. The end is near now they have decided they are "liberals" and will be supporting the "Christian Democrats" and conservatives in their class war against the (working or non-working) poor. Good riddance apart from the damage they can inflict on us before their inevitable electoral collapse in the autumn.

To be continued...