Sunday 20 May 2012

No Gods! No Masters! Looking ahead to an amazing conference...

I am even more excited about the Anarchist Studies Network conference in September now that I've seen the list of papers being presented and discussed - and this is just the ASIRA group. There are dozens of others going on simultaneously.

It will be possible to book places as of later this week.

Adams, Matthew“As harmless as the rats and crows”: Religion and Spirituality in Herbert Read’s Anarchism
Bernhauser, Siegfried and Wörishofer, BirgitThe divine order and anarchy
Cassano, JayJewish mysticism and Anarchism, a question of compatibility
Cudenec, PaulThe sacred soul of anarchy
de Raaij, AndréPower to be free through obedience
Diskin, DannyTheology, Resistance, and the Mistranslation of Scripture
Fiscella, AnthonyAutonomous Religious Movements
Fitch, RichardWithout Dogma, but with Eloquence and Irony: Anarchism, Religion, and Scepticism
Flintoft, SamThe Egalitarian God: Exploring the Anarchist Implications of Don Cupitt's Theology
Garcia-Guirao, PedroOld Stereotypes and New Conceptions: Representations of Religion in Contemporary Spanish Anarchist Film (1995-2011)
Hebden, KeithIf I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your religion: Understanding the Atheisms of Anarchism with Simone Weil and Emma Goldman
Kennedy, KarenThe Anarchist Turn and the Ideas of the Free Spirit and the Anarchist Turn
Lagalisse, EricaAnarchism as Pantheism: Exploring the “Occult” History of the Radical Enlightenment
McHenry, Mark An Anarchist Critique of Isaiah's Revolution - Developing the Anarchist Hermeneutic in Mainstream Biblical Studies
Meggitt, JustinAnarchism, anachronism and the historical Jesus
Morris, BrianWas Berdyaev an anarchist?
Podmore, SimonAnti-theism & the Self Before God-Kierkegaard & Proudhon on the Freedom of Offence
Rossbach, StefanReligious experience and community formation
Stott, PaulWhen Malatesta Met Mohammed: The Response of Anarchists to the Rise of Islamism
Strandberg, HugoHardening one’s heart: On the relation of anarchism and religious belief