Tuesday 9 February 2010

A veritable labyrinth of lovarchy

The liberal (in the US sense) site Truthout carries an article on what muslims have to say about teaching nonviolence.
Fair enough and recommended reading.
It will land you at a site which sadly is not active anymore: the contents of a journal on (the study of) nonviolent action from Berkeley, CA, Peace Power. This is the story which the Truthout-piece is referring to. The journal will get you through its three years of existence at all kinds of places, including the (non-existing?) Roma Country, which is the world.

By all means, explore the journal - you will find this one on the question whether Gandhi was an anarchist. Not the first time, but the question will come up again and again.

This article may bring you to a new labyrinth, lovarchy, which in turn directs you to a particular branch of the Catholic Worker. There we are,with the federal arrestees of the day trip to Bangor.

I hope you will enjoy your surprising journey.