Tuesday 23 June 2009

Going out of business...

...everything must go!

I am told that the free webservice Geocities will be shut down soon.
Well, we all know the saying about free lunches - it is not really true, but in many cases you have to accept it as if it is true.
Although christianarchy.org will still be available, the site as it is today - looking pretty dated anyway, after ten years - will be shut down and the content has to be brought into safety - at least the pieces which look like worth saving.

The most often cited ones are in Dutch, but there are some in English which might end up here, as provisionally as all life is provisonal.
So be prepared for some things you might know but probably have not read yet...
Especially the ones on mysticism and Christian anarchism. After I started what I intended to be a series (and I still intend it to be one) I was confronted with a speaker in public who shared her mystical experience with those present in church - which stunned me and left me silent on the subject for a while.

To be continued.