Monday 22 June 2009

The Massacre

If you can get to Bury St Edmunds this week you might want to check out "The Massacre" by radical playwright and friend of William Godwin, Elizabeth Archibald.

This play was never performed in its own time because it was considered too politically sensitive. It's only now, over 200 years later that it has been considered safe enough.

Archibald (nee Simpson) lived in exciting times and expected the revolutionary spirit that hit France to transform Britain too. But Britain continues to enjoy the kind of ironic indifference to politics that keeps us calmly and gently sedated to our lack of freedom to do and be all that is good. Good luck Elizabeth!

The Theatre blurb: "The play retains its power to this day and the tale of the family Tricastin and their tragic demise is as provocative and disturbing as it was when it was first suppressed – by its own author."