Thursday 19 February 2009


I just sent this around on the mailing list for people planning the next Christianity, Anarchism, and Peacemaking Conference (if there is one):
Dear all,

Well we've had three fascinating and very different events, each organised on a national scale on the assumption that local affinity groups (e.g. FOR, Catholic Worker, CPT, I58) already exist.

However, I got the impression in Sheffield that people felt the need for greater affinity and continuity between those who attended the conferences so that more people can participate in setting them up and so we can have a consistent, agreed, and transparent way of making decisions.

I know Jeff and others met since then in Sheffield but get the feeling that Adam is no longer planning to facilitate a small group to look at all these practicalities.

An Idea:
Those who are able, meet up at the London Anarchist Bookfair, engage in the issues of the day at that event and start to think about how CAUK (sic) can move forward. There are other book fairs at different dates around the country and people can arrange to meet up in cafe's / bars / dodgy alleyways around these too.

Meeting around existing events ...
is easier
helps us engage with the anarchist scene and reflect on that as followers of Jesus
Means that if it's only two us / you then there's still lots of other people to meet anyway!
Please respond to this idea and include whether you know of other likely anarchist events or any anarchist events you intend to participate in.

24 October Queen Mary & Westfield College, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS
Saturday 23rd May 2009 from 10am – 6pm at Cathays Community Centre, 36 Cathays Terrace, Cardiff CF24 4HX
Usually at the 1 in 12 Club? Date: tbc