Thursday 19 March 2009

CPT activists given four months

Ekklesia reports that the Swedish state has given to activists four months for although it dismissed SAABs claim for huge damages.

How many of us are ready to lose this much freedom to turn swords into ploughs? The courtroom gave the pair an opportunity to give their views on the importance of their actions.

We have at least two New Testament models for response to the courtroom.
  1. Don't plan ahead, the spirit will lead you (Luke 12:11)
  2. Keep silent and let the holy spirit defend you that way (Matt: 26:63)
Whatever we do in the courtroom, or upon arrest, we are generating stories - like the prophets - that go beyond the actions we perform and take on a life of their own.

Let's keep Martin Smedjeback and Anna Andersson in our thoughts / prayers.