Saturday 21 March 2009

In times when war was called humanitarian intervention...

There are lots of people hugely surprised about news that torture is being practiced in US prisons. This can only be a surprise for those who are not involved with one of every 31 adults in the US.

And then there is the news about Israeli soldiers deliberately targeting civilians in Gaza in what the media still like to call "a war". A war of retaliation for those trembling people in Sderot who got all these rockets raining on them and - incredible news item - "you could not even do rectal research" as a television news item from a children's hospital in Sderot mentioned in NL (I have not read any comments on this item, seems like I am the only one shocked by the sheer idiocy of this all).

Since I have seen this picture from a hill near Sderot, where these trembling fearful people are watching the slaughter below, I cannot be surprised any more.