Saturday 4 April 2009

Imprisoned radical intellectual seeks help for his case

A report from the US Gulag:

Coyote Sheff is a self-styled anarchist. This according to him means that “what I do as an anarchist defines what anarchism means to me.” He became aware of anarchism while in prison. Coyote is an intellectual and a writer. Coyote has published three Zines up to now with the help of South Chicago ABC (Anarchist Black Cross), and he has started his own prison chapter of ABC, educating other prisoners around him.

Coyote shares stories of abuses and injustices inside Ely State Prison with the world, through his Zines and articles published on the net and in the SF Bay View, and this has caught the attention of the administration of this prison, notorious for not giving medical care to inmates held there, and being a prison on permanent lockdown.

Since writing an article about a fellow inmate in Ely State Prison, who is suffering from potential kidney failure without the prison authorities doing anything, the state of Coyote´s confinement has been hightened to “High Risk Potential” (HRP), which means he is shackled in hands to his belly, and his feet, everywhere he goes during the one hour a day break; his cell was raided every day during three weeks, and they are now trying to bring new criminal charges on him for alleged weapons in his cell, a charge thought up to try and get his prison sentence prolonged, even though Coyote is nearly at the end of his prison sentence. In Coyote´s own words: “I´m kind of close to being released, but these people here are trying to make it so I never get out! Because that is what happens when you are a radical, in here they either kill you with medical neglect if you have a lot of time to do in prison, and if you do not have a lot of time to do in here, then they will try to set you upon new charges, giving you more time.”

The prison administration is cracking down on all of Coyote´s mail, not allowing any literature to be sent in to him from his friends who support him in his struggle to express himself (denying him his constitutional rights). He is being denied a due process hearing about the HRP status too.

“All of this is due to my political activism within these walls; because of my efforts in politicizing prisoners in Nevada as well as prisoners in other states. And especially because of my connections to political and radical activists on the outs. They are trying to crush me with the pressure of their boot on my neck.”

For his case in fighting the false charges brought against him, Coyote seeks funding for his attorney. He himself has already been successful in gathering donations while in his cell, but he still needs a little more to make the total sum of 2500 US dollars complete. That is why we ask you to please consider donating an amount however small towards helping this unselfish, lively brother who is doing so much for us in the form of writing and motivating others.

If you want to read more by Coyote, please visit this website where his writings are being gathered:
Nevadaprisonwatch (see the sidebar with “Coyote Calling”)

Please also visit Coyote´s Myspace page:

We have a chip over there through which you can donate by clicking on it. The money will be sent to Coyote´s family to pay for his attorney.

Coyote´s address for support:

Coyote Sheff, #55671
P.O. Box 1989,
Ely, NV 89301 – 1989