Monday 18 May 2009

Car Scrapping: With Capitalism you just can't waste enough!

The Government is following in Germany's footsteps by offering UK subjects the chance to trade in their old car - must be at least 10 years old - and get £2,000 off their new one courtesy of UK Plc.

There is some bullshit going on here. Surprise, surprise.

This is not good for the environment, since cars tend to have a higher carbon footprint in their making than in their life-time of use and the scheme does not insist on consumers buying less damaging cars anyway.

Also, like all good capitalism schemes this one will benefit the richer at the expense of the poorer. Aspiring middle-class folk will get to buy a nicer car than they can otherwise afford and the poor will no longer be able to buy a car because there will be no cheap old cars to buy.

Up yours poor people! Hello Middle-England Vote-bank!