Tuesday 12 May 2009

A pilgrimage worth considering

Would it be useful to show any disappointment about the pope who will not be visiting Gaza? The polite answer, of course, will be: the Israeli junta will not guarantee the safety of the head of the Church of Rome in finibus Filistinorum, since it will guarantee no-one's personal safety in this area.
And so rather unsurprisingly the possibility to meet certain Christians of the land where Christianity was born will pass. Unsurprisingly, but still disappointing for the Christians concerned, and - without doubt - for the muslims too.

But there will be chances to have your own special pilgimage without taking risks no-one should run. Be on the lookout for olive harvesting.
And then there is the peace initiative of Father Elias Chacour, which organises its own pilgrimage in the autumn. I was there and I can only say: seeing for yourself, being there is - let me think about words because I do not want to sound like a tourist brochure.
More on "being there" soon.