Friday 1 May 2009

Pack up your daily catastrophe

The perpetrator - the suspected perpetrator I should say - of the bloodbath at the Dutch royal parade in Apeldoorn has died, being the sixth victim of his attack. So we will not get a statement about his intentions.

What we know is that he was a security guard - not the type of work that breeds revolutionaries - it is the ultimate kind of the simulation of work. He had received notice that he was being fired, furthermore he would be dispossessed of his house and he was a divorced father being deprived of the right to see his children.

Sounds hauntingly familiar.

But it was not a terror attack. And we will never know the grudges he had against the ruling order which made him do his evil deed.

And a simple truth which will never be stressed in this or any other case: anyone with a car is a potential mass murderer.

It is a strange world that we live in.